Web Modules

interactions with your visitors

You wish to propose a product catalogue to your visitors, a document library to your employees, a membership card processing system for your association...

For each need, a solution.

We specialise in the development of custom-made modules for web or intranet websites which are accessible with an internet browser.

Discover the advantages of a custom-made Web module.

  • Convenient

    No installation

    The software is installed on your website or your company’s internal server. The user has nothing to install

  • Peace of mind

    No updates

    All the data are centralised, each user can log on without the need to update software on his station..

  • Easy


    Current technologies give the user a convivial environment and an exceptional computing performance.

  • Flexibility


    The user can log on during his trips. If the software is installed on your server, he can log on via a VPN connection.

We offer very competitive prices which will suit very small firms.

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