rectifying & evolving

You wish to add a webpage, alter photographs, develop your Design...

Most of websites must be kept up-to-date. Your company evolves, just like methods of communication and technologies. The website of your company is often the first impression your prospects and partners get, and requires a regular update.

Why take out a maintenance contract?

To provide coherent information

Your company evolves, and it important for your image that your prospects, clients and suppliers have the right information.

Server technologies evolve

The internet browsers (Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari...) evolve in their way of retranscribing a website. A careful watch of these developments ensures that your website is permanently compatible with the new browsers.

Search engines evolve

Search engines modify their algorithms or require new tags to improve their results. It is essential that your website follows these developments in order not to be penalised on its position in the results given by the search engines

Fashions change

Just like for textiles, communication trends change. A website with a contemporary design ensures better communications with your visitors


Our maintenance contracts for websites are not expensive. You will thus benefit from hours of development to move your website forward for a price up to 6 times lower compared to tariffs for an occasional assignment.

Tariff and principle

The major advantage of a maintenance contract is the small additional cost for a service which is usually expensive.

The maintenance contract includes all the futures modifications and developments of the website, advice, support and a permanent availability for your Web projects, emailing...